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Octopus Financial (Your Financial Hardship Consultant)

If you have problems with your debts (Secured or unsecured) be it the interest rates or payments or amount, call us today. The consultation is completely free.


Our Vision
Our vision is to become the one-stop-shop for anyone who is going through a legitimate financial hardship and who needs help in the different areas of debt management; Be it debt negotiation or loan modification.

We are a team of professionals that works for you and the benefit of your financial situation.

We all understand that the recent economic crisis has put a lot adverse affects on our life, be it job cuts, high interest rates or our properties at an all time low in their value. Many people do not know what road to take.

At Octopus Financials We believe in a professional negotiation and consultation. The majority of our clients have been either rejected for a loan modification with their lender or refused for the revised interest rates and payments on unsecured loans. After visiting with Octopus Financials and getting desired results because of expert consultation, they realized that what seemed impossible and difficult turned out to be an easy process.

Each case is very different from another. Also each lender is different from the others. The first thing that you must understand is that the lenders all are suffering with this economic crisis. They are losing millions of dollars from homes and credit cards and personal loans. Now, they are not able to handle the volume of people that are seeking aid. They find it difficult to assist every one. The resources that they count on to make a change in each of the account are not sufficient. Millions of people are experiencing the same problems.

Finally, an alternative to debt relief that YOU control, that allows you to work within your monthly budget, and within a reasonable timeframe. However this program is not for everyone.

The objective of this debt negotiation program is to provide you with a viable alternative for debt relief that will allow you to break the ridiculous chain of credit dependency and take control of your financial situation! You CAN reduce the current amount owed typically by 50%* in a program that takes place anywhere from 18-48 months*.

Debt Negotiation allows you to reduce the amount owed on an unsecured debt in order to settle in full the creditor's current balance. This credit card debt negotiation program is one of the most effective alternatives to debt consolidation and bankruptcy.

Gain control of your situation, fill out the form or call us for a completely free consultation.             888-261-1644

We are not lawyers neither do we give counsel of accounting or taxes. We are the professional Hardship consultants. THERE ARE OPTIONS, BUT ONE MUST FIGHT FOR THEM TO THE END!

Octopus Financials, supporting the community with uprightness, force and truth!!

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